This blog is for my various kinfeels. I'm not entirely sure of my kintypes, but currently think that the broad two categories are avian and feline. Pronouns it/its or any non-binary. I go by the name Isca.


So I had an extremely strange experience (for me) last night.

While I was masturbating, normally at and around orgasm, I kept shapeshifting, having mental shifts that came thick and fast. I never shift normally¬†- I just have this near-constant feeling of two, three, four bodies interlaid around each other - and I certainly never feel like half of the animals I shifted into. I could feel the human body very distantly, but the body map kept changing so one moment I would feel like a small thing and due to the size not feel like I was in my legs, or I’d move my hand and the arm would be thin and end in a hoof.¬†I don’t remember everything I shifted into (for obvious reasons) but I know there was a deer and a beaver. I am a seabird and a cat. Normally. Weird…

Hesitant about publishing this, but I figure it’s always good to share experiences.