This blog is for my various kinfeels. I'm not entirely sure of my kintypes, but currently think that the broad two categories are avian and feline. Pronouns it/its or any non-binary. I go by the name Isca.


Recycled plastic animal sculptures by Sayaka Ganz




I don’t even care that its rammstein I REALLY WANT SOME WINGS

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Young stoat at play

yes! they made! gifs of this!

saaaaaah so cute

I’m dead.


So apparently a ton of haters have discovered my blog and are reblogging all my posts to ‘debunk’ them. I cannot be bothered to respond. These are my experiences; if your theories don’t encompass them, well, you know, theories explain data, they don’t dictate it. And also, the thing with science, brain science as well as physics and the rest, is how much we DON’T KNOW YET. Possibly can’t know ever.

Last night I dreamed that my canines - they weren’t normal human-size, they were fangs, like a scitimar cat - suddenly went wobbly and started falling out freely.

I think my dreams symbolically defanged me? It scared the SHIT out of me in the dream, I was so relieved to wake up and feel my teeth.

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Random talon/feet feels today. I haven’t had many kinfeels recently, or at least not many that I’ve been able to sit down and document. But living as high up as I do now is nice for a bird.

Took a walk to find the seagulls (they were on the lake) and also found cormorants, as well as the normal wildfowl!




Cutest Ferret EVER.

The littlest ferret.